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Best Online Poker Bonuses

Bonus Online Poker

Look no further than our recommended sites for the best online poker bonuses in the New Zealand market. We have chosen the best cash online poker sites that give incentives for players to sign up for new accounts, as well as deposit again and remain a player on the site. Click on our bonuses to find out more!

New Zealand poker online has grown in past years to the point that nearly every Internet gaming site offers a signup bonus of some kind. Seasoned players know to shop around to all bonus poker sites to find the ones that offer the most for your money, but new players don't often know all of the options available. It's difficult and time-consuming to look at every Internet poker site and compare the offers. That's where we come in.

Our experts and professional players have reviewed all of the online poker bonuses and chosen the best ones. The sites we recommend here have the best bonuses. From the moment you sign up for cash online poker, you accept a bonus and start earning match dollars from the first game you choose to play. You will be amazed at the rate at which you see the bonus money add up in your account, and it is a big help to new Kiwi players who are looking to increase their bankrolls. We want to help you do just that, and our bonuses are chosen to benefit you, no matter if you're a new player or experienced pro.

We are going to show you:

  • How to claim a bonus when you sign up with a poker site
  • Where you can find the best bonuses
  • What you need to do to unlock the value of your poker bonus
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Our experts have reviewed all of the online poker bonuses and chosen the best.

A poker room bonus is an incentive that an online poker room will give to encourage deposits at the site since online rooms cannot offer complimentary drinks, food or other entertainment/attractions to attract players. The typical setup for these incentives involves the site offering a percentage of a player's deposit on top of their deposit amount. An example would be a site offering a 50% deposit bonus on an initial deposit up to $300. Therefore if you deposit $300 at the site, the poker room will credit your account with an additional $150.

The catch is that there are always conditions that apply to the offer that must be met in order to claim your reward. These conditions typically come in the forms of an amount of player points earned, a certain number of hands played or an amount of "rake" generated to unlock the bonus funds. Player points (of whatever name a site gives them) are earned from every hand played, dollar bet or dollar spent on a tournament entry.

A rake is the amount of money that the online poker room will take out of a won pot. A poker room generates extra rake income from the hands a player plays as he/she attempts to unlock their bonus. Typically there is a time limit that a player has to register the necessary rake amounts or hands played.

How to Use an Online Poker Bonus

Bonus poker sites are set up to give new players the chance to earn some extra cash while getting comfortable playing for real money on the Internet poker website. The sites we chose to recommend here have varying bonuses, so you can look at them and choose which one you think will benefit your account the most. You then simply click through to sign up on that New Zealand poker online website, and the bonus will be in effect as soon as you begin.

Just because the bonus actually benefits the poker room doesn't mean it doesn't hold an advantage for the player as well. Don't get us wrong. These bonuses are used by the sites to generate revenue. The sites are not losing money by offering them to you. They generate the bonus back and far more in the rake they receive from the hands that players play as they seek to unlock their bonuses.

After reading through the rules for the Internet poker bonus, you should play according to the games that will most quickly contribute to your bonus dollars. You can check the cashier page of the site to monitor your progress, and when you achieve your full bonus, you can use that money for play at any poker game at any limit. The opportunities are greater when you have a larger cash online poker account.

Different Online Poker Bonuses

Playing cash online poker provides numerous ways to earn bonuses, and the best way is to use a welcome bonus. We make it easy to scan the best New Zealand poker online in order to see what bonuses are being offered, and you are able to choose. Some sites offer match percentages on larger deposits, which only really matters to players who are depositing more than several hundred NZD. Just make sure that the site you choose will match the amount that you want to start with in your account.

Bonus poker sites offer various match percentages to your first deposit as well. Some offer up to 200% match, while most stay at the 100% match. This depends on the size of the site and their desire to build their site. New sites are more likely to offer 200% in order to gain your business and allow you to try the website. You should sign up for a site you trust. All of the cash online sites we recommend here can be trusted, so you can be comfortable signing up today.

Many sites also now offer what's known as a reload bonus too. Sometimes these are sent out to players who have been playing a long time to reward them for their regular play. Sometimes they are offered to players who did play regularly but haven't played much recently in an effort to bring their traffic back to the table. Sites may offer regular monthly reload bonuses of 100% up to $100-$200 while others will only offer them occasionally for higher amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do bonuses work?

Most online casinos offer bonuses to each players. Bonuses are a way of enticing you to become a member (welcome bonuses) or to be a loyal and regular player by playing certain games for a certain amount of time, or reaching certain goals. They can be in cash or in points or in internet currency, or in many other forms, depending on the casino and the game you are playing. They are an easy way for you to keep your bankroll healthy and ensure your long-term play.

Are they available for New Zealand players?

Bonuses are available for all players, including New Zealanders. Before you sign up, make sure that the particular casino you have chosen can pay you off in NZD as exchange rates can be very high.

How am I eligible?

You can get a bonus for signing up for an account, or for playing a specific game. You can also get bonuses for being a long-term, loyal player, or for just being online at the right time. As long as you have an account at the casino of choice you are eligible for a bonus.

Can I apply for multiple bonuses?

Whether you can apply for multiple bonuses at the same time largely depends on the casino you have picked. Of course, if you are playing at several casinos at once then it’s not a problem. At the same casino, you might have to wait for a while before you are eligible for a new bonus.

Should I choose a site with the biggest bonus?

While a large cash sum might look enticing there is no point in going for that casino if it’s a one-off payment. You are better off picking recommended and reliable casinos with smaller but regular bonuses.

Can the bonus be withdrawn?

Bonuses can be withdrawn, though there are often time-limits on how long you must play before you can withdraw a bonus. Also, bonuses are not always in real money – they can be in points.

Are bonuses available on mobile devices?

Bonuses can be accessed from any internet-enabled mobile device. Just make sure your devices are secure before giving them access to real money.


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