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POLi Internet Poker

Poli Online Poker

POLi is the newest and increasingly popular way to transfer funds online. The free service has quickly become a favorite way to deposit and withdraw funds from POLi online poker sites. You can use it to fund your account now.

POLi is a relatively new entity in the payment processing world but has quickly gained the respect of many companies who use it, including Facebook and Air New Zealand. The online payment system is a way for consumers to move funds for Internet purchases, such as for a POLi online poker account, by connecting simply and quickly to your bank. The biggest advantage for POLi users is the ability to conduct online transactions without a credit card. In addition, you need never disclose your personal bank account details, since POLi simply acts as a link for purchases.

  • POLi is a free service.
  • There is no need for credit cards when using POLi.
  • Transactions are processed quickly and with an immediate receipt.
  • POLi is compatible with Apple products.
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How to Use POLi For Online Poker

POLi requires no fees, no signup, and no credit card.

POLi is the payment processing service that requires no fees, no signup, and no credit card. It is the new trend in online purchases, and it is just as easy as it sounds. It is essentially a way to do a bank transfer from your personal account to online poker with POLi, without divulging your personal information to a third party or even having to set up a new account with the processor.

A person simply chooses POLi when ready to pay for a purchase, either on the checkout page or the online poker deposit page. Select a POLi online poker option, choose your bank and login to your bank account using that previously-established name and password. POLi gives you the payment details, and the last step of the process is to confirm a bank transfer. The bank then completes the payment to the online poker website via POLi, and your process is complete.

Participating banks include ANZ, BankDirect, TSB Bank, ASB, Kiwibank, Westpac, Bank of New Zealand, and The National Bank. They all work with POLi to ensure a quick and fast funds transfer to participating merchants, which include the online poker sites we recommend to our New Zealand customers. The ease of use is what makes POLi the frontrunner in a revolution of payment processing, especially when it comes to POLi Internet poker.

POLi Prides Itself on Security

By using POLi for online poker, customers can be assured that their bank login and password are safe and not disclosed to POLi or any other company, which extends to any third parties as promised by POLi. The company's process in no way captures your login name or password, so it remains the private information between the customer and his or her bank. POLi only verifies that your connection to the bank is secure and direct, free from dangers of fraud.

POLi's high level of security is overseen by VeriSign, which tests the site and verifies that the coding practices are secure and the services are delivered free of threats. All codes are tested, and the passage of those tests earns the VeriSign seal of approval. In addition, another level of security comes into play with the oversight of an independent company that reviews the POLi Internet poker browser, interface, and payment service.

With that assurance of safety and the ease of use, it only makes sense to use online POLi poker and sign up for your new account today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is POLi?

POLi is a special Australian bank service that allows you to pay for online services straight through your bank’s website and account. It doesn’t even require extra passwords!

How does it work?

POLi acts as an intermediary between the casino and your bank, logging you into your bank securely and facilitating a secure money transaction between the two. What is great about it is that POLi breaks down the transaction process into easy-to-follow steps and then guides you through it, so you will have nothing to worry about.

Do they allow casino play?

The problem is not whether POLi allows casino play (which it does!) but in whether the casinos accept POLi as a method of payment. Luckily we have gathered for you a list of POLi casinos that will accept your hard-earned NZD and treat you well.

Are they a safe payment provider?

Due to its close ties to the banks it works with, POLi is an exceptionally secure payment service. Your safety is maintained by both POLi and your bank, while a good casino will also encrypt all its information to ensure your security and satisfaction.

How fast are deposits & withdrawals?

Deposits and withdrawals through POLi are instant as long as they are under 500 dollars. For larger sums you might have to wait a day or two but it is still a faster method than using bank transfers. You can start playing much sooner with POLi.

How do they compare with others?

POLi is not internationally renowned and so some casinos will not accept it as a payment method. As long as you choose a casino that is OK with working with POLi, you are in good hands, as it is a convenient, quick and secure method of paying your casino of choice.

Do I have to pay fees?

POLi aims to keep its services free in order to encourage people to use them more. Occasionally there are extra fees that come from the casino, so keep your eyes open for those, as POLi will never charge you for a transaction.


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