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Neteller Online Poker Sites

Neteller Internet Poker

Neteller online poker sites have been offering payment processing services for more than a decade to customers in over 180 countries. Neteller customers are consistently impressed with the immediacy and efficiency of services, and the availability of customer service representatives for assistance if needed.

As long as poker players have been depositing funds and withdrawing winnings from Internet gaming sites, Neteller Internet poker has been at the top of the industry. Players have used Neteller to deposit funds for play, which is done without having to wait hours or days, and they also found the service to be helpful in wiring money to casinos for live events, transferring to fellow players, and withdrawing money after building up an online account. The experience that Neteller brings with over a decade of service to poker players means that the company can be trusted for security, safety, customer service, and fast money processing.

  • Neteller has been providing services since 1999.
  • Many customers use Neteller for online poker deposits and withdrawals.
  • New Zealanders rank Neteller among the top payment processors for online poker.
  • Secure money transfers are guaranteed.
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High Standards of Neteller

Neteller has been offering payment processing services for over a decade.

For a company like Neteller, more than 10 years of experience has prompted the company to continuously improve services and technology. From the best software available to encryption services that prevent almost every fraud attempt, Neteller online poker services are dependable and trustworthy.

Neteller is authorized to serve the global community by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom. The company adheres to the strict regulations of that and other participating organizations, and the measures taken to protect customers from theft, fraud, and money laundering use the top levels of today's technology. As additional consumer protection, Neteller keeps 100% of deposited and in-transit funds in segregated accounts per legal requirements. Neteller online poker customers are assured that their money is guaranteed and protected.

Customer support is important for New Zealand online Neteller poker clients, and the company takes great pride in an award-winning department. Customers are offered the services of helpful representatives for everything from the eWallet to prepaid MasterCards or money transfers. Players use an account ID and secure ID to keep their personal information safe, while the customer support department can answer any and all questions about those identification codes, transfer services, and the online poker sites to which they provide payment processing services.

Benefits of Using Neteller For Online Poker

The options available for online Neteller poker customers are set up to meet the needs of a variety of people. By simply setting up a Neteller account with a personal password, customers can receive money from other players or withdraw funds from an online account. Most importantly, they can use Neteller to deposit money, as Neteller acts as a conduit between Internet gambling accounts and major companies like Visa and MasterCard, as well as most New Zealand banks.

One of the many reasons we chose Neteller online poker as a recommended payment processing solution is because of the long-standing relationship the company has with many of the sites we chose for our customers. Players can make secure online payments and start their poker action within minutes, and they will not only receive confirmation of their transaction but balance updates from Neteller to show a record of all deposits and withdrawals from online poker sites. We welcome you to try Neteller for your online poker deposit today and start winning now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neteller?

Neteller is an eWallet service that allows you to store and transfer money in a secure and anonymous way from your bank account to other recipients. It is a safe way for transferring money into an online casino account and for monitoring your online payments and making sure you only pay what you have chosen to pay.

How does it work?

It is a simply made service with a website on which you have to create an account. Once the account is created you can link it to your bank account and move funds between the two.

Do they allow casino play?

Neteller is one of the top payment methods used by online gamers. In addition to its money storage and payment services, it also offers a Neteller Mastercard, which allows you to access your Neteller funds directly from any ATM. This means that right after you claim your winnings from the casino you can withdraw them as cash from the nearest ATM.

Are they a safe payment provider?

Neteller is one of the safest payment providers when it comes to online payments. It features excellent encryption, and, since it is partnered with Mastercard it maintains extremely high levels of security in order to live up to its name. In fact, its security is on par with bank encryption.

How fast are deposits & withdrawals?

Once payments have been confirmed by your bank or casino deposits and withdrawals will be instant from the Neteller side. If you are funding your eWallet account by bank transfer then the procedure might take up to a week. If you use credit or debit card transactions funds will become available immediately upon completing the transfer.

How do they compare with others?

Neteller is a top-notch online method of payment which has many extra services to make your life easier and allow you to access your money easily and with no hassle. It is an eWallet which gives you full control over who knows your identity – the organizations you pay only know the email address you use to register in Neteller. Its safety is as strong as that of a national bank so your information and money are in good hands if they are with Neteller.

Do I have to pay fees?

Neteller itself charges close to nothing on transactions. However, always keep in mind that casinos might have their own transfer fees so calculate those before you decide whether to transfer small sums or go for withdrawing large winnings at once.


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