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Skrill is one of most popular ways that gaming customers transfer funds to various sites. Skrill online poker is known the world over and is respected in the community for fast payment processing and reliable service.

With access provided for over 32 million customers, Skrill offers many payment options, all the while using the top encryption methods available through current technology to protect all parties. Skrill online poker players use the service because of the ease of deposits and withdrawals from their favorite sites, but they also know that their information is safe. In addition to encryption, Skrill developed and uses an Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program to keep money in the customers' accounts and out of illegal hands.

  • Skrill customers use passwords to protect accounts.
  • Customer bank account information is never revealed.
  • Millions of customers trust Skrill for online poker payments.
  • Withdrawals are just as simple as deposits.
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Skrill Options

Skrill is known the world over and is respected in the poker community

Using Skrill for online poker is popular because its safety regulations, and customers are assured of quality service. New Zealand customers also have many options with Skrill for products that suit their exact banking needs.

The Skrill digital wallet offers a service by using only an email address and password, and works with over 100 payment methods to give you the service you desire in a speedy fashion. Some forms of Skrill payments allow customer to pay by invoice, in installments, or by direct money transfer from a personal checking or savings account at a local bank. Some Skrill Internet poker customers use the simply money transfer method from that bank account, which ensures the immediate availability of money in an online account.

New Zealand Skrill online poker customers enjoy the ability to deposit and withdraw in New Zealand dollars. Skrill supports over 40 currencies around the world, so customers don't have to worry about paying exchange fees or converting the funds themselves. By choosing the proper currency and providing an email address, money is transferred immediately.

Fees and Benefits with Skrill

One of the biggest benefits of Skrill for Internet poker is the low fee for deposits and free withdrawals. New Zealand customers pay a one percent fee to deposit money, up to $.60 NZD, and there is no fee whatsoever to receive money via withdrawals of winnings. To withdraw funds to a credit or debit card, there are fees, but uploading money is free for New Zealand customers. The Skrill website outlines all of the details.

All transactions for Skrill are done in real time, while bank transfers can take up to five days and cheques can take up to 12 days. And while other methods require the disclosure of much personal information, Skrill online poker customers need only give an email address for verification. It is why we recommend Skrill for our chosen online poker sites, in addition to its reliability and security methods used to protect customers like you. Use Skrill today with a welcome bonus to start playing on your favorite poker site within minutes, and then withdraw your winnings at no cost!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skrill?

Skrill is a payment service similar to an eWallet. However, this one is based in the UK and is under the strict control of the UK Financial Services Authority which monitors it closely and ensures it high level of safety and fair practices.

How does it work?

Skrill has a website where you can create an account. The account gives you a choice to either verify it (giving it all the personal information it asks for) or to postpone verification. Pre-verification it is a fully anonymous account which you can start using to fund your casino account immediately. If you do choose to verify the account your transfer limits will become looser, allowing you to transfer more cash at one go.

Do they allow casino play?

Skrill is fine with funding casino accounts. It charges a minimal fee for every transaction it carries out.

Are they a safe payment provider?

Since Skrill is controlled by a government monetary organization it is an exceptionally safe payment service that will take excellent care of you and your money.

How fast are deposits & withdrawals?

Most deposits and withdrawals through Skrill will be near-instant. If you use a wire transfer to deposit or withdraw money it will take between 1 and 7 working days for the money to go through.

How do they compare with others?

Skrill lets you withdraw cash straight into a bank card, which makes for an instant and highly convenient way of accessing your funds. It is secure, carefully audited by external organizations and easy to use. It also has low transfer fees and is instant in most of its transactions, so it is a great no-hassle payment method.

Do I have to pay fees?

There are some minimal fees involved in using bank cards or other similar methods to fund your Skrill account. However, using a bank transfer, while a bit slower, incurs absolutely no fees from Skrill, making it unique in that department!